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New WHYF Partner

The Park City Diner has a special deal for WHYF listeners. 10% of your bill will donated to Holy Family Radio. This diner was voted the best diner in Lancaster County 11 years in a row. They are open 24 hours every day. 

It is easy to do: during checkout ask the cashier to donate your sale to Holy Family Radio Inc. am720 WHYF.

Their address is:


Phone: 717-435-8512

Check out their website: Parkcitydiner.us

We NEVER share your email address with anyone! 
We are very concerned with
the privacy of our listeners. 
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Upcoming Summer Festivals

July 16             Mary Mother of the Church, Mt. Joy
                        (Christmas in July Bazaar)

August 5-6      Holy Spirit, Palmyra

August 27       St. Ann Byzantine Church

WHYF Launches Free App
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We are happy to announce that we now have our very own free app. This app allows listeners to take us everywhere. This multi-function app has several helpful features: one-touch listening, program schedule, one-touch calling, Facebook button, and a website link. The app was especially designed to be very easy to use. Download the app and get started today.  
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Proud member of:

Do you own a business?

We have a variety of options for your business to support Holy Family Radio. In accordance with FCC regulations, we are able to produce on-air announcements thanking our supporters. We are also looking for sponsors for our podcasts.


Please contact our Community Relations Coordinator Russ Fry at Rfry@720whyf.com.

Do you get our Monthly Newsletter?

Each month we send out our e-Newsletter, HOLY FAMILY RADIO MATTERS. If would like to receive this FREE newsletter, just send us an email and we will put you on the list. We promise we will not overload your mailbox with emails. We also promise that we will not share your email address with anyone.

Use this link.

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Spiritual Advisor's Corner

It's the month of Corpus Christi! What a great month to bask in the joy of having such a great gift of the Body and Blood of Our Savior! It's always a great time to celebrate that gift, but especially this year, as there is so much turmoil surrounding life, particularly with the Supreme Court.


God gave us the gift of life, and the ability to be co-creators with him, as he gave us the opportunities to have families of our own. But that gift of life does not end here on earth; to the contrary, the gift of life extends into Eternity, where we are given the offer of living and reigning with him forever!


Eternal Life is given to us each time we receive the food of Jesus' Body and Blood. When we receive Him worthily, those gates open up to us. We are pro-life in every sense: here on earth, and in heaven! That is why, when we receive Jesus' life in His Body and Blood and enter into Eternity (while still on earth!), we witness to a Culture of Life here on earth. One can not be pro-life in one realm, and not in another. May God help us seek life, and its fullness, both on earth and in heaven.

Local Programs

We broadcast EWTN programming and locally produced shows. Use the link below to view our complete Program Schedule.

Use the link below to learn

about our local programs.

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It is the policy of the Holy Family Radio, Inc. to provide equal employment opportunity for all employees and applicants for employment without regard to age, sex, race, color, religion, national origin or disability as defined and required by law.