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Coverage and Technical Details

WHYF AM 720 is what is known as a DAYTIME radio station. The Federal Communications Commission regulations state that we must shut down our transmitter at around one hour after sunset each day, and/or operate at reduced power until sunrise and at some other hours in the evening.

This, coupled with the use of a temporary antenna site, causes our signal to cover about 70% of what it SHOULD reach, according to the above coverage map. This means some listeners may have difficulty receiving the station. We are working on the antenna situation, but need your financial support to do so! Remember, you can hear the station crystal clear on your computer speakers...just click the Listen Live button on this site or download the app for your mobile phone. 

Status: Licensed Class D AM Station
Hours of Operation: Daytime Operation Only Daytime Operation Only
Antenna Mode: Non-Directional - Daytime Only
Power: 2000 Watts
Number of Towers: 1
Transmitter Location: 5120 Simpson Ferry Road, Mechanicsburg, PA
License Granted: August 14, 1987
License Expires: June 1, 2030


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