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Spiritual Advisor's Corner

Father Timothy Sahd


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

For whatever reason, when the summer rolls around, I have a nightly urge to get ice cream. It's not that way in the winter (and it's not because it's cold, because it's always good to eat ice cream), but there's just something about the summer that makes me want to dive into a vat of chocolate ice cream. I really need it!


Wouldn't it be great if we always had a desire to receive the Bread of Life - the Holy Eucharist - in the same way? I mean, that we really felt it, like we have an urge for French fries or soda or coffee or ice cream. Wouldn't it be so wonderful that we would FEEL the need to receive Him at all times, so much so that we'd run (even if we couldn't run!) to Mass to receive His Life?


The fact of the matter is that we always yearn for Him, but many times we mistake our yearning for Him with other things - things that are earthly and less fulfilling - like ice cream. They somewhat fill a need temporarily, but then give us nothing. They are empty. Only when we fill ourselves with what we truly long for - Jesus' Body and Blood - do we truly feel full and enlivened! God bless you!

Fr. Sahd

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