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On August 25 we will celebrate the anniversary of that day in 2011 when we heard five special words for the very first time—“THIS IS HOLY FAMILY RADIO.” Tears of gratitude and joy flowed freely when these words were heard. A dream that began on May 25, 2001 finally became a reality. We had a Catholic radio station that would serve the people of the Diocese of Harrisburg.


Jesus told Peter, “Feed My Sheep” and it is the mission of Holy Family Radio to continue to follow the words of Jesus by bringing God’s Word to our listeners. At our weekend Masses we are inspired by the homilies of our hard working priests and our many programs offer a continuation of that inspiration each day.


As our listeners know, Holy Family Radio is totally listener supported and we are grateful for the financial support of everyone who keeps us on the air. We appreciate all donations, no matter how small, and monthly donations are especially helpful.


When you financially support Holy Family Radio, you know how your donation is being used when you turn on the dial and hear the programs. Your financial support has another benefit. A Rosary is offered each day for all of our supporters. You can’t beat that! You hear what your support does and Mary hears our prayers for you.


As we celebrate another anniversary, we pray that you will continue to support the station and that Holy Family Radio will celebrate many more anniversaries in the years to come.


May the Holy Family always walk with you and grant you many blessings.


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New WHYF Partner

The Park City Diner has a special deal for WHYF listeners. 10% of your bill will donated to Holy Family Radio. This diner was voted the best diner in Lancaster County 11 years in a row. They are open 24 hours every day. 

It is easy to do: during checkout ask the cashier to donate your sale to Holy Family Radio Inc. am720 WHYF.

Their address is:

884 Plaza Blvd, Lancaster, PA 17601

Phone: 717-435-8512

Check out their website:

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Proud member of:

Do you own a business?

We have a variety of options for your business to support Holy Family Radio. In accordance with FCC regulations, we are able to produce on-air announcements thanking our supporters. We are also looking for sponsors for our podcasts.


Please contact our Community Relations Coordinator Russ Fry at

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St. Ann Byzantine Catholic Parish in Harrisburg will have its Slavic American Festival on

Listen to our Radio Special with information on this festival.  Join Joe Nebistinsky, Joe Aponick and Marie Nester for all the details on this exciting event!

You can listen at noon on

Wednesday, August 17 and 24th.

You can also listen to the podcast at anytime. Use the button above to listen.

Spiritual Advisor's Corner

This time of year, I could eat watermelon, every day. I love it so much. But aside from its sweetness, it also has a ton of water. Apparently, for every cup of fruit, it yields a half-cup of water. It's almost half water! It needs to soak in everything around it in order to produce its sweetness and color. It gets its color, flavor and name from the water that falls around it.


We are like watermelon, and all things that come from the earth. We soak in whatever is in the ground around us. That can be our culture, it can be our family, and it can certainly be our faith. We soak in whatever is in our environment. And we have control over that. Sometimes at night, I'll watch a show on TV that, while it's not evil, it does not really lift me up. If I wake up the next day and I am sad or angry for no reason, I believe I am that way because the last thing that I soaked in was not good.


However, we have the great gift of our faith, which not only is a supplement, but alsoTHE key nutrient. If we take in Our Lord through the Sacraments and feed ourselves in prayer and in good relationships, seeking to avoid sin (and going to Confession when we fail to do so), we will soak everything we need to live a contented and joyful life here on earth and eternal life in Heaven. God bless you and enjoy the summer - and the watermelon!


Fr. Timothy Sahd

WHYF Spiritual Advisor

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