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Bill Parker hosts a new program airing on Saturdays at 2:00, with an encore at noon on Wednesdays. Join Bill as he discusses:

   • Faith Based Investing

   • Investing that seeks to please and glorify God

   • Moral, environmental, social, and applicable Biblical principles

   • Portfolios that closely align with Christian ideals


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Exciting Summer Events!
Holy Family Radio will be at the Holy Spirit Church Summer Festival  Friday, August 6 5:00-9:00pm and Saturday, August 7 5:00-10:00pm. The church is in Palmyra, Pennsylvania.
For more information use the link below.

We are also very happy to be at the St. Joan of Arc's 47th Annual Festival. The church is in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The festival runs August 12, 13 & 14. You can get all of the information by using the link below.

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We are also very happy to be at the Seven Sorrows B.V.M. Church Annual Festival. The church is in Middletown, Pennsylvania. The festival runs August 19, 20 & 21. You can get all of the information by using the link below.


Here is another exciting event coming in the fall!

Holy Family Radio will be at the annual Dillsburg Farmers Fair October 15 and 16. Use this link for more information.


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We have a variety of options for your business to support Holy Family Radio. In accordance with FCC regulations, we able to produce on-air announcements thanking our sponsors and underwriters. We are also looking for sponsors for our podcasts.


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New Underwriter for

Knight Talk

Holy Family Radio welcomes new

underwriters to our family. The Knights of Columbus Steven Hutek Agency and the Mark Stice Agency are now underwriters of our program KNIGHT TALK. The Hutek Agency is located in Carlisle, PA and the Stice Ageny is located in Horsham, PA. They provide the top rated insurance services to all K of C members. Contact them at: and

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Spiritual Advisor's Corner
Fr. Timothy Sahd

We hear news reports about the inflation rate, but we definitely can feel the price increases all around us. A few days ago I got my usual McDonalds order (a ten-piece Chicken McNugget, large fry and large sweet tea), and I was shocked when the cashier told me it was $9.95. Wow, almost $10 for a McDonalds meal? That would’ve been a first!


Of course, there’s been lots of things going on to impact the pricing: a shortage of chicken, lots of government spending which increases the money supply, and increased wages that McDonalds needs to pass on to customers. Everything is causing prices to go up. So, the amount we pay has to be more than it has been in the past.


While everyone in the world constantly wants more and more from us, what Jesus asks of us does not increase. In fact, He took on Himself the guilt of all of us, the sin of all the world, from all time, and paid that price. If we desire to follow Him into His Heavenly Kingdom, we must then take part in that sacrifice by reflecting on His Word in the Scriptures and receive His Life in the Sacraments. Think of that, He doesn’t say to us, “well, I sacrificed a lot on the Cross, and you sin so much more than I did, so you have to suffer so much more than I did.” NO! He paid the price, and we receive the reward of what He did when we walk with Him in the Scriptures and in the Sacraments.


Inflation may be going crazy, but Jesus already paid the debt for our sins. Allow His Divine Mercy to pour into your heart, free of charge, and feel the freedom of His Love. That’s better than a Chicken McNugget meal, and cheaper, too!


Thanks to the Knights of Columbus for their continuing support.

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