Join us this month for our May Pledge Drive.  We will not be interrupting our regular programming with long pledge breaks, rather you will hear regular on-air reminders of our need for your financial support. We call it a ‘Silent Pledge Drive’.

Holy Family Radio is your station. This independent non-profit ministry cannot survive without you the listener. We thank you for your gracious and generous support and pray that you will continue to help us in this ministry.

Our biggest fundraiser, the Spring Benefit Dinner, has been postponed, and so we need your financial help now more than ever to make up for the intrusion of the corona virus upon our ministry.

The need for funds remains as much as ever. This May we are using the comforting theme mentioned many times by our Lord: “Be not afraid, I am with you always.”

We are dedicating our efforts to the Holy Spirit and the Holy Family.  Is there a birthday, anniversary or special event that you might want to remember with a pledge?  Please select any day in May and send in your donation. When you donate, please consider becoming a monthly donor. It is easy to do and so very important for us to have your regular donation to pay our monthly expenses.

Please join your Holy Family Radio family and honor the Holy Spirit and the Holy Family by reciting prayers to them each day in May. We will air them throughout the month and have them posted on our website at for your use.

Donations can be made securely on-line or via mail at:  Holy Family Radio, Inc.  PO Box 6028, Lancaster, PA 17607-6028.

God bless you and many thanks to all of our faithful and generous listeners. Your financial support has made you a vital part of helping us to answer God’s call to go out and evangelize.

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