• Saint Catherine Laboure Parish in Harrisburg will bus to the March for Life, January 24th, departing at 7:30 AM.  To reserve a seat contact Deb at the parish: 717-564-1321, ext.132.


  • The March for Life is Friday, January 24th and there are a number of local busses planned to go to the March.  To find one near you go to the diocesan web page .


  • You say that you would love to go to “The National March for Life” but you can make it to Washington, DC?  Well, on Friday, January 24th there are local March for life events to unite you in prayer with those on the March:
    • St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish, Mechanicsburg is holding“March for Life Solidarity Day”, beginning 9 AM. For information contact Pete at
    • St. Paul the Apostle Church, Annville, will hold a Right to Life Rally, from 12 noon until 1:00 pm, at 8th and Cumberland Streets in the city of Lebanon.
    • The Lancaster County Indoor March for Life, 9 AM to 3:30PM, St. John Neumann Church, Lancaster, PA. For more information contact: Tom 717-468-3822 or Dave 717-569-7677 


  • “Encounter the real Presence,” a Lenten retreat for college-aged young adults in the Diocese of Harrisburg will be February 29th, 9 AM to 4 PM, Saint Pius the Tenth, Catholic Church, Selinsgrove.  Register on-line at  [Must register by Feb. 20, 2020]


  • The Diocese of Harrisburg’s chaplaincy program is hosting “Masses for Healing from Addiction” at many parishes and times throughout the diocese. The list can be found on-line at the Health and Pastoral Ministry Page under the Outreach tab at ( ) Or consult the Catholic Witness Newspaper.


  • The Saint Joseph Leisure Club, Mechanicsburg is offering: “A Tour of Biblical Proportions”, June 23rd  through the 26th.  Visit popular Kentucky destinations including the “Creation Museum”, encounter a full size Noah’s Ark, a 19thCentury German neighborhood, and so much more. To find out all the details call 717-737-8600.


  • 15-decade Rosary for Life, every third Saturday of the month following the 9 a.m. Traditional Latin Mass at St. Lawrence Chapel, Harrisburg to pray for an end to abortion. For information, contact Chris, 717-432-5415.


  • Can you spare three hours a month to assist in a prison ministry at Dauphin County, Camp Hill Prison or Keystone Work Release? No experience necessary and orientation will be provided. Call Bob: 717-571-4217.


  • Project Rachael opens the door to compassion and healing to both women and men suffering in the aftermath of an abortion.  No matter what you are feeling you are not alone.  For confidential care after an abortion call 717-857-2282.  Project Rachel: Peace starts here.


  • You can help Catholic Charities' Foster Care Program by donating unused car seats and booster seats (Note: thay must be new).  Better still, consider becoming a foster parent.  To donate or to explore the possibility foster parenting call Nicole or Kathy at 717-564-7115.


  • Parents interested in obtaining home schooling support in the Classic Catholic Tradition through Regina Caeli can contact Candice at 717-476-4054.  The Academy information is at


  • A solemn high Traditional Latin Mass will be celebrated every Sunday at 1:30 PM at St. Joseph’s Parish, Lancaster.  For more information visit


  • All are invited to join St. Joan of Arc’s pro-life committee every 1st Friday 6:00 - 7:00 pm in the St. Lucy Chapel praying for all the innocent unborn children lost to abortion.


  • If you are hurting after abortion, consider attending a weekend Rachel's Vineyard Retreat!!  For information go to  or call 877-HOPE-4-ME (877-467-3463)


  • Can you spare three hours a month to assist in a prison ministry at Dauphin County or Camp Hill Prison? No experience necessary and orientation will be provided. Call Bob: 717-571-4217.


  • Are you choosing a school for your child? Consider Catholic Schools. To find out more contact a school near you by using the school finder at  You’ll be happy you did!


  • The Interfaith Shelter for Homeless Families needs fresh fruits and vegetables, cleaning supplies, trash bags, and more. Donate at the Diocesan Center or the shelter, 120 Willow Road, Harrisburg. Call 717-652-8740 before delivering.


  • Mychal’s Message seeks to meet the basic needs of the homeless while restoring dignity with love.  To learn more visit or call Sharon at 717-203-0746.


  • Is there stress in your marriage?  Maybe a program specifically for married couples can help – It’s called Retrouville.  For confidential information call 1-800-470-2230.



The Time after the Epiphany of Our Lord

We have now celebrated Advent, Christmas, and the Epiphany.  It is like we have witnessed a three-act drama and are now resting in the time just before we launch into Lent and Easter.  We are catching our breath from that which we have just witnessed in the memory of our Holy Mother the Church: the unfolding of the miracle of the Incarnation, God becoming man – the perfect union of two natures (God and man) in one person without any division or confusion. This is a good time to imitate the Blessed Mother Mary and ponder in our mind and hearts what we have just celebrated.

In three distinct ways the “Incarnation of the Word made flesh” had been revealed:

Advent: The prophecy in symbols and words tell of this great dogma (dogma: a principle of our Faith divinely reveals that we as Catholic must hold as incontrovertibly true). We heard the prophecy of Isaiah, of John the Baptist and of the central role Mary plays in the grand plan of the Almighty: The Incarnation!

Christmas: We are made to see the God made man. The angels sing “Gloria in excelsis” and the shepherd come to adore the Child with Joseph and Mary.

Epiphany and the time thereafter: The divinity of Jesus continues to be affirmed: the star attests, the Magi come and adore, and the voice of God the Father speaks and the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove alights as Jesus steps into the waters of the Jordan thereby purifying and preparing all waters of the earth for our own baptism.

Now think about the time that lays before us: The Easter Cycle – Lent and Easter.  The next great acts in the drama of Salvation.  We will be neither called to just to witness the events of the Word becoming flesh nor to just offer our adoration.  We will be called to take the next step if we are to gain the salvation that Jesus will offer to us by His passion, death and resurrection. 

We are about to see the Christ Himself take action and speaks as God! He will require during Lent and Easter, “the submission of our minds and hearts to His teaching and to His rule of life which He lays down for us.”  Therefore, how Jesus speaks, the miracles he performs, how His voice commands, and how totally He chooses to submit to the Father reveals His divinity.

“No man could speak and act like Jesus if He were not God.”  And what will this God require of you?  As just stated: The free the submission of minds and hearts to His teaching and to His rule of life.

The anticipation of Advent, the awe and joy of Christmas, and the adoration of the Epiphany are giving way to more sober times.  Ponder why this Child was born and growing up. This child “born unto us” came for the purpose to die, and die willingly to save.  Salvation comes with a heavy price.  

So rest now in this time, but do ponder in your heart why this baby boy was born.  Then think, “What will my Lenten response be? Will I commit and submit to Jesus’ rule of life?”  - Prepare ye the way of the Lord . . . prepare ye to travel His way . . .

May the peace of Christ be upon you now and forever.  Amen.

VOCATIONSQuo Vadis and Fiat Days

Quo Vadis Days is for all young men ages 15 – 25 who may be discerning a vocation to priesthood or religious life.  Quo Vadis Days for 2019 has already taken place. Quo Vadis Days for 2020 will be posted here when the information becomes available.  Of course you can always call the Office of Vocations at 717-657-4804, for information on the priesthood.

Fiat Days is for all young women ages 15 – 25 who may be discerning a vocation to religious life.  Fiat Days for 2019 has already taken place. Fiat Days for 2020 will be posted here when the information becomes available.  Of course you can always call the Office of Vocations at 717-657-4804, for information on Religious Life. 




Donations Needed For Interfaith Shelter

The Interfaith Shelter for Homeless Families (located in Harrisburg) is in need of the following donations: computer/copy paper, pens, Ziplock bags (gallon, quart, and sandwich sizes), napkins, paper towels, toilet tissue, Pine Sol, and bathrooms cleaners. For more information, contact the shelter at 717-652-8740. Thank you for your generosity!


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Catholic Charities Specialized Foster Care Training

Does Your Heart Break when the news of the day highlights how the traumatic events in a family affects the lives of their children? Our foster care children are victims of these tragic events. Will you take a stand and help us in providing permanence for them? Please join us for our next Training Series at Catholic Charities Specialized Foster Care with people just like you, who need to know more before they are ready to become a support for these children. Let the children know they are wanted. Please call Jeff at (717) 564-7115 or (800) 777-7003 or email