Are you or do you know a local Catholic business owner?  If so, here are three reasons why the business should utilize our Sponsorship Underwriting plan and partner with Holy Family Radio:

  1. The financial support helps us spread the good news of our Catholic faith.
  2. The donation support may be a legitimate tax deduction (check with your financial advisor).
  3. The business benefits with possible new customers who react after hearing the messages!

Call Holy Family Radio at 717-525-8110 to learn more...
Thank you for your support of Catholic radio and may God bless you for your generosity!


For the purposes of Holy Family Radio, Inc., the definition for the sponsors shall be: A sponsor is a person or business that donates to WHYF a set amount and is acknowledged on the air following these FCC guidelines:

Donor acknowledgements can:

  1. Identify, but cannot promote
  2. Include location information
  3. Include value neutral descriptions of a product line or service
  4. Include brand and trade names and product or service listings

Acknowledgements can be made for identification purposes only and should not promote the contributor's products, services or company. Announcements containing price information or a call to action or to buy, sell, rent or lease are not permissible. (Ex.: "7.7% interest rate now available") (Ex.: "Stop by our showroom to see..." "Try product X the next time you buy...") (Ex.: "A special bonus for this week is..." "Special gift for the first 50 customers")

[FCC 1992 WL695229, 7 FCC Rcd. 872]

For the purposes of Holy Family Radio, Inc., the definition for the underwriters shall be:
Underwriters are defined by Holy Family Radio, Inc. as those donors who support WHYF through larger donations and are acknowledged on air by a simple statement such as "Catholic Connections is brought to you by Andy's Catering". Their business is also on www.720whyf.com with name, location(s), telephone/fax numbers, web site, and category of business.

Adopted: Board of Directors Quarterly Meeting, July 31, 2013

Making Your On-Air Announcement Work For You

Holy Family Radio Underwriting Guidelines

Underwriting differs from commercial advertising in both sound and spirit. The Catholic Radio Audience responds best to straightforward information presented in a concise, clear and sincere manner.

All Underwriting credits must include the legal name of the underwriter

Holy Family Radio underwriting announcements are thirty (30) seconds or less in length and prerecorded to insure uniformity

Underwriting acknowledgements MAY include (according to FCC regulations):

Information about the company, brand names and descriptions of products and services offered, delivered in a "value neutral", non-promotional manner.

Years in business or offering service.

Business location, phone number OR web site address.

Established corporate slogans stating the company's philosophy or positioning statement in a manner that is keeping with Holy Family Radio guidelines

FCC underwriting guidelines require that underwriting language NOT contain:

Calls to action: i.e. "pick up that phone", or "e-mail" or "visit" or phrases prompting action.

References to price; i.e. "free", "5% financing", "complimentary", "no down payment" etc.

Qualitative or comparative language or claims; i.e. "best", "greatest", "most reliable", "oldest", "largest", "can improve/provide/teach/expand ..." etc.

Inducements to act; i.e. "while supplies last", "special gift", "on sale", "limited offer", etc.

Overstated or subjective language; i.e. "fun-filled", "enjoyable", long awaited", "by popular demand", "authentic character", "informed counsel", "professional advice", etc.

Endorsements; i.e. "recommended by ... (anyone or anything)", "the (newspaper or website) says..." or use of radio hosts names, etc.

Credentials; "Grammy winning", "(Any Award) winning", "number one in customer satisfaction" etc.

Words such as "you, your, our, or we" are not permitted as part of underwriting language. It suggests a personal endorsement on part of the station.

These guidelines serve to protect the non-commercial nature of the Holy Family Radio. Holy Family Radio management requires 48 hours for edits and approvals.