Program Schedule

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Time�(Eastern) Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
12:00 AM Threshold of Hope The Best of The Journey Home EWTN Live (encore)
12:30 AM
1:00 AM The Journey Home(Encore) Mother Angelica Live Classics Right Here Right Now (Encore)
1:30 AM
2:00 AM The Great Adventure Women of Grace (Encore) Sunday Night Prime (Encore)
2:30 AM
3:00 AM Life on the Rock (Encore) Catholic Answers Live (Encore) Celtic Connections
3:30 AM
4:00 AM The World Over (Encore) Life on the Rock (Encore)
4:30 AM
5:00 AM Defending Life Chaplet of Divine Mercy in Song/Reflections (Fr. Leo Clifford) The Choices We Face
5:30 AM                                              Holy Rosary with Mother Angelica and the Nuns of OLAM

6:00 AM

Life & Money Son Rise Morning Show Threshold of Hope

6:15 AM

6:30 AM Crossing the Goal
7:00 AM Celtic Connections The Journey Home(Encore)
7:30 AM
8:00 AM Sunday Mass from EWTN Chapel (Live)

Catholic Answers Live

(pre-recorded from the previous weeknight)

Daily Mass
8:30 AM
9:00 AM Catholic Connection with Teresa Tomeo Where God Weeps
9:30 AM EWTN Bookmark Vatican Insider
10:00 AM Top of the Week Mornings with Mother The World Over (Encore)
10:30 AM
11:00 AM Register Radio Women of Grace with Johnnette Benkovic Catholic Business Hour
11:30 AM Light of the East
12:00 PM Sunday Mass (Encore) Catholic
Knight Talk EWTN NETWORK PROGRAMS In The News Reflections American Catholic Radio (Encore)
12:30 PM Faith and Family Radio Ever Ancient, Ever New The Family Show Knight Talk (Encore)
1:00 PM Daily Mass from EWTN Chapel St. Joseph Radio Presents (Live)
1:30 PM Vatican Radio Weekend
2:00 PM The World Over (Encore) Called to Communion with Dr. David Anders (Live) Register Radio The Good Fight with Barbara McGuigan (Live)
2:30 PM Blessed 2 Play
3:00 PM Catholic Perspective (Encore) EWTN Open Line (Live)
3:30PM Reflections (Encore)
4:00 PM DMC/Stories from the Heart Kresta in the Afternoon DMC/Stories from the Heart
4:30 PM Blessed 2 Play EWTN Bookmark
5:00 PM The Journey Home (Encore) Vocation Boom Radio
5:30 PM
6:00 PM Sunday Benediction (Live) Catholic Answers Live Life and Money
6:30 PM Catholics Come Home Defending Life
7:00 PM Web of Faith 2.0 Register Radio
7:30 PM Truth & Life Audio Bible
8:00 PM Sunday Night Prime The JourneyHome (Live) Mother Angelica Live Classics EWTN Live The World Over (Live) Life on the Rock Celtic Connections
8:30 PM
9:00 PM Truth & Life Audio Bible EWTN News Nightly Vatican Insider
9:30 PM Holy Rosary
10:00 PM Top of the Week EWTN Open Line (Encore of today's program) Catholic Business Hour (Encore)
10:30 PM
11:00 PM Super Saints
Called to Communion with Dr. David Anders (Encore)
The World Over (Encore) St. Joseph Radio Presents (Encore)
11:30 PM Family Theater Classic Radio


Subject to Change (Highlighted programs are locally produced)